We have established Almustshar International Property Co as a solidarity for buying, selling, leasing and renting all types of properties and lands and manage properties of others.
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Investment Process

You have decided that investing in property is the right wealth development strategy for your asset and investment portfolio.
When you choose Almustshar Real-Estate firm as your property partner, a proven, disciplined process clicks into place.


Step 1. Consultation

Understanding your investment goals and objectives is our starting point. We work with you to isolate the best strategies to achieve them – asset appreciation. Investment protection, increased cash flow – or a combination of the three.


Step 2. Filtered Property Search

Having identified the profile of investment property best suited to your needs, we draw up strict search criteria and comb the market for appropriate candidates. You receive full agent documentation and our feasibility report, prior to inspection.


Step 3. Negotiation of the sale

You benefit from our acquisition specialists skills. Our sole focus is your investment outcome, driven by our doctrine of acquiring at or below the market price. On your behalf Argus International Real-Estate firm handles:

  • Search and inspection negotiations.
  • Private and public (auction) bidding to an agreed brief.
  • Sales Documentation.
  • It works closely with you to advise on, or find appropriate finance, legal and insurance solutions,if you need any. They include specialist advice and services in property investments through self-managed superannuation funds.


Step 4. Leasing and property management

If your property investment strategy seeks boosted cash flow through rental income, talk to Almustshar Real-Estate about the logical step into .

Housing Investment

The firm offers many types of housing investments to medium financial budgets, private equity investors and banks. The firm calculates the ratio of inflation, currency inflation, growth and come up with a whole plan to our investors to acquire the highest revenue possible. We do our best to obtain a ratio from 15%-25% profit on the initial investment.


Almustshar Real-Estate works closely with many construction companies in Turkey and abroad.
Most of those companies have accumulated experience of 200 years. They have built the finest shopping malls, residences, and office buildings in the country and abroad. The projects we offer to our clients/investors are highly profitable with an approximate income of 75%.

Hotels Investment

The firm offers private lists of investments to those financial, private equity firms with investments starts from$10,000,000 to $500,000,000 (American Dollar) our business is discrete with our sellers and buyers at the same time.
Our investors should feel comfortable, because the investments we are offering are unique in this market.


Almustshar Real-Estate always seeks the best interest for its clients/investors.
The firm offers massive areas of lands in Turkey that has a huge potential revenue as if it is considered a medium or a long-term investment, and our expectations are ranged from250% to 400% revenue in 5 years, which will be almost from 50% to 80% per year. Our experts have made feasibility studies for possible projects on those lands in case of a double investment.