We have established Almustshar International Property Co as a solidarity for buying, selling, leasing and renting all types of properties and lands and manage properties of others.
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When you deal with portfolio you engage professionalism armed with proven property investment instruments. The first we apply is our meeting.

Mins Meeting is our Property Evaluation Package. It’s a comprehensive analysis that looks at your current or prospective investment property. It examines but is not limited to, issues such as:

  • Location.
  • Current and prospective rental returns.
  • Current and prospective capital growth prospects.
  • Finance rates.
  • Property condition.
  • Maintenance issues.

You already own investment property. What next?

With the experience we are putting in your hands and at your disposal in investment property management, portfolio has a profound knowledge of what works. As well as identifying the right type of property-residential or commercial, portfolio takes all the stress out of the investment process. We handle the search, negotiations, acquisition and management of the property throughout the investment cycle. We use Mins Meeting to initiate a strategy for your property investment campaign or to refine and advance an existing approach. Many real-estate investors assume they can handle their own property management services. Some can, but many cannot. You have the foresight to know that investing in the right real-estate in the right location at the right time and at the right place is as close to a risk-free investment as you can find. Perhaps you already own one of more investment properties, or with portfolio’s emotion-free, face-focused, market-led analysis and client-driven acquisition services.

What does property management services mean?

Shelter is the most fundamental of human needs. Our trained property managers are in every nuance of the relationship between you, your tenants and your property. Your portfolio property manager will lift the load from your shoulders by managing:

  • Tenant searches and appraisal.
  • Rental collections, payments, reports and reviews.
  • Routine and special maintenance programs
  • Income and expenditure reviews
  • Annual state of the market reviews.

In the rare event of tenancy souring, Almustshar Real-Estate handles the resolution of eviction process calmly and firmly.

The best part of service

Almustshar Real-Estate loves delivering surprises and hates shocks. Our management fee is an all-inclusive, up-front charge that sits fairly and attractively within market expectations. We have no interest in building our income at the expense of your investment and its profitability